Week 21: Abundance

Photo credit: Denise Smith “Simple pleasures”. Follow Denise on Instagram @deniselifeart or on FB Denise Smith (Photo Album – My Streets)


It’s easy not to trust
to doubt that
all that you need
will fall into place
It’s effortless
to fall into the fear
and miss the signs
of the quiet blossoming

We are led to
believe that support
and love come in
large packages
with bells and whistles
and cards signed
by the entire cast
of your life
and perhaps
a celebrity hero
thrown in for

We fail to see
that abundance
comes in small seeds
easy to dismiss
as flecks of nothingness
these tiny specks
that hold the light
need to be planted
in dense, dark soil
their code hidden from
the naked eye
but watered, nurtured
and nourished
they flourish into
massive oaks
of joy

The beginning
may not foretell
the grandeur of the end
that wisp of an idea
that glimpse of shy
inner knowing
that defies logic
can only
burst forth
and grow
when held
in the candlelit room
of your aloneness

Be brave
go into yourself
embrace the silence
and in the gentle
rustling of your
own creation
you will find
the magic
of your intentions
manifesting the
your heart desires

© Tanya Southey