Week 20: Sanctuary

Photograph Credit: Denise Smith – “I See You” – follow Denise on Instagram @deniselifeart or Denise Smith


We are all
from something
even those
who appear
to be standing

Even those who
are planted in
the same spot
as the moment
of their birth
these rare beasts
who seem
to be happily
grazing on their
less than green grass

All of us require
a close canopy of
trees beside
a bubbling brook
and a log cabin
in the forests
of our minds

Light the candle
in your mind
open the door
to your
let the refugee
of yourself return
homeless from
the breakdown
of your own beliefs
and all your shattered
dreams and loves

Perhaps the fresh air
of our own
compassion will
sooth us and
create a space
for the dirt covered
children with
flies on their
eyelids and bombs
in their hearts
instead of being so
caught up
in our own need
for sanctuary and our
imaginary monsters
lying in wait
in our backyards

© Tanya Southey