August – Travel: Wanderlust


Photo credit: Denise Smith “Moving on.” Follow Denise on Instagram @deniselifeart or on FB Denise Smith (Photo Album – My Streets)

Sometimes the anticipation of travel
is more exciting than going;
the thought that the sky may be wider
than the pile of dishes blocking the horizon
connecting beyond the mundane
of “what should we have for dinner?”
to the joy of sitting with a menu
that needs translation, but not the food
which your body recognises as home

The gentle boat of a new you
moored in a silent lake
the idea of a blankness,
a shriving, only enough baggage
to carry in one hand;
the essential you
leaving behind the burden of home
to say you come from
somewhere, far away;
locals shake their heads
at the distance you have come,
dreamily exotic,
you know the truth,
the spring cleaning you never get to

But for a moment you too believe in
your own uniqueness

And towards the end of the trip
you hear the gentle calling
of your own pillow,
the one on which you process your own life
the one where you will dream again
of escaping the mundane

Finding yourself

Defining yourself
in relation to the world

© Tanya Southey