June – Relationships: Self

Photo credit: Denise Smith “Life reflected” Follow Denise on Instagram @deniselifeart or on FB Denise Smith (Photo Album – My Streets)


Every day
you walk
past my house
the one you notice
from the curb,
nestled near the park
in the quiet hush
of the stoic gum tree,
you admire the curated
garden and the golden glow
that the windows throw
into the violet sunset

But I know
the self
the one inside,
despite the street front,
there’s clutter in the cupboards

Let me introduce you to
the one who stores her wounds
in the back room of her heart,
beyond the facade,
in the rafters of the roof,
in the chinks of walls that
make her looked
so contained

Believe nothing

Especially not the
google street view
persona on the web

Our issues may differ
but our laundries are the same

Come in, sit down,
let me make you tea,
carrier of the light.

© Tanya Southey