January – Reflections: Musing


Photo credit: Denise Smith “Mouths of babes”. Follow Denise on Instagram @deniselifeart or on FB Denise Smith (Photo Album – My Streets) — with Denise Smith.

My favourite thoughts
are simple in their complexity

What if the most beautiful rose
ever formed bloomed in the garden of
a dying woman and no one saw it?
Would it still be the most beautiful
rose to ever have flowered?
What if its petals fell as she left this plane?

What if there were things that existed
that we could not see, but that held
everything we had ever longed for?
Would we still value seeing over feeling?

What if the everything we thought
mattered, mattered not a bit
and all the things we took for granted
were the most important things?

What if you were meant to be an
artist, but you had never held a brush
and all your anger and frustration
lived in the fact that your fingers
had never curled around a tiny
wooden stick with horse’s hair
on the end of it?
Would you have the courage to try?

What if your true home
lay far beyond all that you knew
and called “home” and “safe”?
Would you venture
beyond the familiar?
Would you dare to dance
among the stars?

There’s a reason that wonder
and wander sound the same

© Tanya Southey

This is the final poem in the January “Reflections” set. February is “Solitude” and the first word is “Alone”