Week 52: Epilogue

Photo credit: Denise Smith “Daily routine”. Follow Denise on Instagram @deniselifeart or on FB Denise Smith (Photo Album – My Streets) — with Denise Smith.


The clock does not know
it will continue ticking
but we will be gone;
the garden will remain
in velvety verdance
and someone else will tend
the plants and trim their wild ambitions;
the birds will arrive at dawn
waiting for the whistling woman
as she scatters the seeds
of their longings;

The sky will not crack
the clouds will float
the rain will course through
the gutters we have called home
but the roof will shelter someone else’s memories
our laughter will compost in the soil
we will be flung, a diaspora of family
floating in planes above the turbulence
hoping for gentle landings

© Tanya Southey