Week 37: Iktsuarpok

Photo credit: Denise Smith “Waiting for God”. Follow Denise on Instagram @deniselifeart or on FB Denise Smith (Photo Album – My Streets) — with Denise Smith.


There are gentle Spring days
when the air hushes
the chilled land back
from the cold
and the hollow blue, sky hums
to a tune that was written
a million years ago

And still in that peace
we are pulled to the door,
habit and necessity demanding
we scan the horizon,
the gate, the threshold
for the arrival of someone,
someone we have never met
the unborn child, the missed lover
the parent we wanted,
the friends we needed, the ones
we’ve had who have gone ahead

Restless, waiting for the pieces
of ourselves to return home

© Tanya Southey

* – “Iktsuarpok” – an Inuit word from The School of Life – Untranslatable Words. The definition is “a feeling of edgy anticipation that makes one keep on looking out the window to see if an expected visitor is coming up the path.”