Week 14: Thrive

Photo credit: Denise Smith “Waiting for the Inner Child”. Follow Denise on Instagram @deniselifeart or on FB Denise Smith (Photo Album – My Streets)


You are there
though layers of adulthood
may have concealed you

But it does not take an
archaeologist to unearth you

chip below
the psyche’s dust
and there you are
shy, sensitive child
who could not watch
a Western movie
the fighting between
the ‘Cowboys and Indians’
too much to bear
and God forbid the horses
got maimed in the skirmish

Perhaps your five-foot six frame,
the heels, the executive suits
and make-up belie the fact
fact that you still exist

But you are there
this tiny beating heart
that took on too much
observed too much
could see the
between all things

And now you understand
that you still feel
and that feel and flee
are made of the same letters
for a specific reason

But you have rediscovered
your own music
in solitude
the symphony
of your thriving

© Tanya Southey