Week 2: Synchronicity

Photo credit: Denise Smith “Vino Veritas”. Follow Denise on Instagram @deniselifeart or on FB Denise Smith (Photo Album – My Streets)


There are times
I am convinced
parts of my soul
slipped down
to earth to play
hide and seek
with me

This playful
loves a surprise
and waits
sometimes for years
behind the curtains
giggling like a child
hoping to be found
at the exact moment
that will force you
to believe in
magic and miracles

It fills me with wonder
that in incongruous places
I have found jigsaw pieces
little bits
that have the colours
for the exact picture of
my life at that moment

And there you were
in mundane greyness
no idea that our lives
were intertwined
and that even up until
this point our experiences
had almost been identical
but only years of talking
would reveal the depths
that that moment could not

And now the discovery
that it makes no difference
where we are
you are likely to have just
had the same experiences
meaningful coincidences
we scratch our heads and laugh

Time and distance
mean nothing
in this melting
pot of consciousness
if I am sad
I light a candle for you
as likely you are too
we both see the same sun
love rises
and shows us the way home


© Tanya Southey